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Steel Cutting Blades

We offer the most innovative Steel Cutting Blades and solutions

Cutting tools circular saw blades are manufactured from different metals into solid, stable and inert tools. Under normal sawing conditions, the blades are considered to be articles that release very small quantities of chemicals and do not cause physical or health damage as per the standards defined in the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. Hazardous chemicals may be released if the blades are welded, cut, grinded, melted or otherwise physically altered.

This MSDS was prepared to address the potential for exposure to dust and/or fume generated from the saw blade. Beyond the scope of this MSDS, the material being cut may contain hazardous chemicals and therefore needs to be evaluated with effective controls instituted to prevent exposure.

The actual composition of the saw blades varies depending on the type of saw blade and the grade of steel.

Steel Cutting Blade Applications:

  • FORGING METAL... etc